Automated Lighting and Drapery

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light up your life

Home automation now allows for systematic monitoring and management of your home’s energy consumption. By monitoring the overall usage as well as energy production from alternative sources such as solar panels, residents can become conscious of their real time energy footprint.

Whether you’re looking for ideas for a single room or interested in controlling the lights or shades in and around your home with a whole-home system, ProLink can give you the freedom to change the light that surrounds you with app control and motorized screens.

We offer integrated and stand-alone solutions for new and old homes, and design the perfect lighting scenes that are unique to you. Our factory-trained and authorized sales staff and technicians can design and install a system to best fit you and your family’s lifestyle.

Today’s energy-conscious homeowners are also environmentally aware. They want to do more than just save money – they want to go “green”.  With Prolink’s Lutron solutions, homeowners can do both.When it comes to saving energy efficiency, our goal is to give homeowners plenty of options.

Featured partners

  • Lutron Lighting: Adjust the intensity of virtually every kind of light - natural daylight, as well as electrical lighting - through its integrated lighting and shade solutions.

  • Lutron Shading: Lutron shading systems provide precision control of daylight – all at the touch of a button.

  • Trufig: Traditionally, keypads and receptacles protrude from the wall causing visual distractions. With TRUFIG, devices with various industrial designs harmoniously blend into your space.

Photo by Lutron

Photo by Lutron