Electronic Integration for the Home or Office

Savant’s iPad™ App - Beautiful, Sleek and Groundbreaking

Interior Products

Savant’s iPad™ App supports all the capabilities of Savant’s suite of touch panels, plus new and exciting interactive features are also made possible through the Savant iPad™ App. Immersive control includes user-defined backgrounds and categories, integration and interaction with iTunes® multimedia content, security cameras, and many more devices and services in this entertainment and control ecosystem.

The multi-touch Apple® iPad™ allows users of Savant’s control products to take advantage of the iPad’s vast native features, as well as operating as a full-fledged touch panel within the Savant Systems automation environment. The iPad™ runs both wirelessly and as an in-wall or desktop device thanks to proprietary in-wall and tabletop docks, which also serve to charge the iPad’s internal battery.

Savant has transformed the iPad™ into a portable control device capable of functionality never before envisioned for the tablet format, including compatibility with Savant’s TrueImage Control™. Savant’s iPad™ App transcends vertical markets providing automation and control to residential, commercial, education (smart classrooms), government and PRO AV markets alike.