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About ProLink

About ProLink

Headquartered in downtown Charlottesville, Virginia, ProLink is a locally-owned and operated company, specializing in custom electronic design and installation for your home or office.  With over 50 years of combined experience, ProLink’s trained and certified technicians provide state-of-the-art audio, video, communications, lighting, and security systems; allowing you to create a more comfortable and efficient environment for your home or office.

ProLink’s clients range from families seeking to improve the comfort and ambiance of their home to businesses investing in technological accommodations for their patrons.

Whether envisioning a flat screen TV above your mantle, a customized home theater, or an energy-efficient lighting control system, ProLink's sales and design staff have the resources available to bring your vision to fruition.

The true beauty of ProLink, however, is revealed in our unique ability to enable multiple electronic systems to communicate with each other.  Imagine.....having the ability to simultaneously control lighting, HVAC, security, or music while either at home or on the road.  Whether a Mac or PC user, an iPhone or Blackberry owner, we have a solution for all of your electronic needs.

We work closely with architects, interior designers, builders, and homeowners, to provide easy-to-use, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing systems for entertainment, comfort, convenience, and security.   From the design phase to the final installation and calibration we are involved in every aspect of each individual project. 

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